Secretary's Message

RIS is an absolute place for complete schooling, thus, we welcome kids to young children. We endeavor our best to provide each of the student a comprehensive study of moral, social and technical education. A child is enough young to know nothing and to make them knowledgeable and faSecretaryRIS-Muz-Imagemiliar with this world is a school's utmost duty. We nurture our students in an ameliorated way that after leaving the premises of RIS, they no longer remain a mere child. They grow up so perfectly to lead the society as well as their home.

Muzaffarpur has always been a developed city of North Bihar and also a prime location for education. But, what was lacking in terms of a perfect schooling, a true trend of international edification. RIS has brought the drift by placing a strong foundation of global education system. At RIS, we always deliver a school which is not only better than its contemporaries, but also happens to be the most ideal school for parents looking for their ward's admission.

Joining RIS can be a real turn around for a child. Parents always think best for their kids and opts a school which give their child an exemplary schooling background. Come here and get what you are looking for, we are ever ready to accomplish your dreams.

"Education- Your Door to the Future"SecretaryRIS-Muz-Image

Savita Kumari

Secretary, RIS