Principal's Message

A strong nation builds through the strong education system. At RIS, we empower an edification culture which brings transformation to the society and leads to raise an epitome of a powerful country. We are here to create all round development of students, who with their absolute schooling can achieve the motive.

Globalization is taking the world closer in different spheres and processes of sustenance, then why education would leave behind. With this motive, the blueprint of international schools was put forward. And making people understand that a singular school culture is not enough to produce desirable benches of nation's future, i.e. students. Come together and get global education system and run with time.

What do we need to understand that the course and aim of education or schooling are changing? This is our utmost contemporary need. I as a head administrator of RIS have given focus on bringing an educational platform where students can achieve the international level of schooling with a competitive environment and embedded amount of extracurricular activities.

We coach toppers of the nation every year and our successful results show our expertise and experience in the echelon of tutoring. We have not only been leaders of edification but also holding top positions in sports, quiz and other extramural events held at state and national level.

We are a comprehensive destination for schooling and learning. RIS can be the ever right decision for catching the best international school of children in the city of Muzaffarpur.

"Improve Our Nation, Focus on Education"

Principal, RIS