RIS has rich infrastructure comprising well-facilitated classrooms, expertise teachers, equipped laboratories, high-tech computer section to large covering sports field to hold different games.

Well- Facilitated Classrooms- The classrooms are spacious, aerated, bright colored and contain customized seats from where students can see the teaching board from the distance.  Pieces of furniture are open and strong to accommodate required students.

Expertise Teachers- Our teachers have proved to be great assets for the school in taking to the success of paramount. Without them, we could never have imagined a strong infrastructure. They have been a strong base for our winning years. Our teachers are expertise in their subjects and would again be a strong part of our infrastructure.

Equipped Laboratories- We have different laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. We believe that these laboratories provide aggressive support to the classroom lectures of science subjects to the students. Science subjects have always been enthusiastic and proficiently attracted students to learn them in a physical manner. Our specific laboratories are highly equipped and comprise all essential apparatuses required for experiments. The platforms for holding experiments are well-configured and maintained.

Computer Section- Today's education is run with technology and computers have been an essential part of the technological advancement. We have competent computers loaded with the latest software for encouraging students to get mix up with the fast forward technical era. We wish and make our best effort to teach them basic to advance level of computer education.

Playground- RIS has a large playground where cricket, football, badminton and other games can be played simultaneously. Our students can enjoy their lovable games here in games class. The playground is lush green, full of amenities and has been prepared as per the nature of the game. We always like to see our students athletic and sporting.