Founder's Message
RIS Mission is to produce students who can thrive in national and international universities and institutes. The mission will be achieved in the educational environment of RIS, where our management and faculties endeavor to nurture and nourish the students to bring out their best.

A developed society comprises strong ethical and moral values which come from the paramount level of edification. At RIS, I along with my team actively encourage our students to respond towards the schooling so that they not only become good students, but also a cultural, social and responsible human being. I firmly believe that our students are futures of the country so they should be polished by providing them best level of education.

RIS also focuses on the extracurricular development of students and in regard arranges annual cultural and sports meet.

Our teachers are the expertise of their respective subjects and deliver quality lecture with technical assistance so that they could be well aware of materialistic as well as technical education.

I have always given importance to the overall development of school, teachers, staffs and students. A combined attempt can only achieve the dream, I had seen one day and my dream has never allowed me to take a nap even so that I would miss any opportunity of calibrating RIS as the topmost school of India.

I welcome all those parents from Bihar as well as outside the state who are looking to give their wards an international level of schooling. RIS carries state-of-the-art tutoring system accompanied with tailor-made teaching solutions.

-Vinay Kumar

Founder, RIS