Boarding House

RIS visualizes an integral and holistic development of children so as to enable them to live a free and honest life, empowering them to interact with people around with great enthusiasm and energy and contribute to the welfare of humanity.

The school has a hostel with all the modern facilities which is under the care of Resident Hostel superintendent who keeps a close liaison with the parents through the principal. It provides an environment for comfortable living which will facilitate the best of academic pursuit. The Hostel gives a feeling of home away from home. The hostel warden ensures that students keep their room clean and hygienic to avoid any health problems. The day at hostel starts with supervised physical exercise.

School also organizes outing to nearby places for students as well as they can enjoy cultural programs.The hostel is also provided with good security arrangements under the eye of concerned resident staffs.
Rules for Boarding:
1. Students should carry all the listed belongings and 1 lock with 2 keys for the cupboard, out of 2, one should be handed over to the Hostel In-charge by the parents/guardians on the day of reporting in the hostel.
2. It is strictly prohibited to carry any electronic accessories (mobile, camera, headphone, I-pad etc), valuables  (expensive watch, jewelry etc).

3. In the case of any serious health problem only, parents/guardians will be contacted by the school.

4. The school takes all precautions to prevent any accident inside the school or hostel premises although the school does not accept any responsibility, legal or otherwise, for accidents.

5. Outdoor visit of students for any reason are not allowed during School working days. The permitted outing is allowed only on Sundays or Public Holidays between 10 am to 6 pm.

6. Only Parents and authorized guardians can meet their wards after showing their identity cards. The signature will be verified by the administration before allowing them to meet the student.

7. Students are not allowed to make phone calls unless in a case of emergency. A phone call made only through the Hostel In-charge with the permission of the Executive Director/Principal.

8. Outside food is not allowed without the permission of Hostel Superintendent.

9. All correspondence to the student must be addressed to the Executive Director/Principal. Students will correspond with their parents/guardians through the Hostel In-charge with the permission of the Executive Director/Principal.

10. Parents/Guardians/Outsiders are not allowed inside hostel premise.

11.Parents/Guardians are bound to follow the rules as and when introduced by the management.

12. Full Academic year fee is applicable even though students are leaving hostel in between.

13. Students are expected to report School soon after the Holiday ends. Per day a fine of Rs. 50/- will be charged for nonattendance.

14. Students who do not abide with the rules and regulations of the hostel even after being warned by the authority may be rusticated from the hostel.

15. The decision of Director’s/Principal's on any of the above-mentioned matter otherwise stated is final and binding on the parents/guardians.